English Language Institute for Arabs

• Online courses in English for Arabic students of all ages and skill levels.


Virtual Classroom Environment
Professional Teachers
Interactive Learning

Who We Are

ELIFA offers online English courses for Arabic students of all ages and skill levels. The classes are conducted through a virtual platform which offers many tools that make learning more fun and productive.

Our team is highly knowledgeable about the Arabic culture and can speak the language. We offer very experienced teachers that are passionate, friendly and professional.

We provide both private and group classes to individuals and institutions. The topics covered are tailored to your level and needs. 

Here at ELIFA we believe that language learning should keep up with the demands of on Internationalized world, but still relate to the local customs and culture. By considering both we ensure that students learn new concepts easily through an explorative spirit and a sense of familiarity.

"Think Globally, Learn Locally "

The Class Specifications

We offer both one-on-one and group classes that cover a wide array of topics. There are no age restrictions for participation, and all English knowledge levels are covered. We also offer you the option to provide us with specific teaching materials that you want to use. 

• 45 minutes
• Video and audio sharing
• Multiple learning tools
• After-class lesson report
• Turn-based participation (group classes)
• Flexible materials

Every student is assigned a designated supervisor who will assist him or her in their learning objectives. They can recommend the courseware to the student, assign them a particular teacher, or even help them with technical issues. They will also help the students with tracking their progress through the completed lessons and the feedback they recieve from the teachers. 

Our Teachers

• Extensive teaching experience

• Postgraduate level of education

• Native level English

• European nationality

• In their 20s

• Male and female

All of our teachers attended courses on all aspects of Arabic life. The majority of our teachers also possess high Arabic proficiency. 


We offer courses for all ages and experience levels. Our courses are carefully planned and adjusted to fit the needs of each individual student. Choose the course that suits you best and begin your learning journey!

Why choose us?

In any place

School, home, or anywhere else. Learn from where you feel the most comfortable.


Passionate and skilled foreign teachers that know and appreciate the Arabic way of life.

Modern Class

Connect with the international community and use innovative learning tools.


Follow one of our curriculums, or bring your own learning materials.


Competitive prices that come with a great quality of service.

Ready to join us?

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Book private classes, or pair up with your friends for a group class. You will be assigned a profile from where you can join classes, track your progress, and more!

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